Accordion top-hung system-photo
Accordion top-hung system-photo
Accordion top-hung system-photo
Accordion top-hung system-photo
Accordion top-hung system-photo

Accordion top-hung system

Panoramic view with minimum hindrance
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frameless glazing
Frame mounting depth
up to 12 mm
Multilayered glass pane width
up to 150 kg
Leaf weight
Maximum leaf size
тригер більше світла
Maximum natural light
тригер прохід без порогу
Free passage without a sill
тригер безшумне відкривання
Silent opening
тригер панорманий вид
Spectacular view

The key feature of the Accordion folding system is the movement of the leaves along the upper horizontal guide without the lower profile. Carriages on bearings allow to effortlessly control large leaves, if necessary, the leaves rotate perpendicular to the doorway and are folded at one of its edges.

Folding frameless systems are used wherever it is necessary to close a wide doorway, while allowing for a free passage and panoramic view. The Accordion folding systems are installed in hospitals, stores, shopping and entertainment centers, educational institutions, sports centres, etc.

фон система Гармошка

Opening schemes

Convenient and comfortable opening in various ways
Ресурс 12

Fully closed

The leaves are perfectly fitted
Ресурс 11

Fully open

The leaves are folded from on one side perpendicular to
Ресурс 13

Partially open

One or more leaves are in the closed position, the rest are in the open position.

Construction features

The main advantages are easy use and silent movement

Anchor pins

The glass is attached to the profile with pins and additionally fixed with a sealant.

Reliable hinges

The hinges run smoothly and silently allowing for easy folding.

Roller carriages

Leaf of up to 150 kg move smoothly on Quattro HD roller carriages.

Leaf retention pins

The leaves can be fixed with a single foot move; a simple but reliable lock is provided for this purpose.

Comfort and protection

The side frame profiles are equipped with EPDM gaskets. The leaf is equipped with angle brushes at the top and bottom. All this provides effective protection against wind, dust and noise.

How does the folding system work?

Each leaf moves individually with the help of roller carriages; the leaf can be moved along the upper rail. If necessary, the leaves may be folded from one of the doorway edges.

як працює система Гармошка

Верхньопідвісна система «Гармошка»
Easy care Comfort of use
Among the most important advantages of folding systems are ease of care and silent movement.
Верхньопідвісна система «Гармошка»
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  • check-ico Stylish panoramic glazing for large width structures
  • check-ico Smooth, quiet movement of even large leaves Locked position in one move
  • check-ico Simplified glass care on both sides
  • check-ico Maximum free passage without any obstacles on the floor

Reliability and safety

With reinforced roller carriages, tempered glass or laminated glass can be used. Glass thickness - 10 or 12 mm.

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